Red mullet fillets with grilled vegetables


For 4 people :

12 Red mullet fillets

400g grilled aubergines

4 gressini with olives

1 green apple

50 g Mesclun salad

4 dried tomato

8 spoons of olive oil flavoured with garlic

1 red onion

1 lemon

4 spoons of black tapenade

salt with peppercorns

1 spoon of chopped dill

1 spoon of dried tomato delight

3 spoons of vinegar with raspberries


In a pan, cook aubergines and then red mullet fillets in olive oil during 4 minutes (medium heating).

Keep warm.

Cut the apple in slices and put the lemon juice on it.

For the Vinaigrette: mix up 4 spoons of olive oil with garlic, 1 spoon of dried tomato delight, 3 of vinegar raspberry, chopped dill, dried tomato diced, salt peppercorns.


Idea of food presentation :

On a plate, put the slices of apple then alternatively salad, aubergines,fillets, onions rings, vinaigrette. The gressini at the end